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Perfect pinbacks!

These pin backs are really good quality. They fit all of my metal and enamel pins very well, and I can tell they're really sturdy. These are a great addition to my pin collection, especially since I plan on using these to attach a bunch of pins to my jean jacket.

I love the colors!

The design is so fabulous! I love the variety of colors and the brilliance of the gold and the enamel. Great quality materials.

Cute Pin!

I love the design and bright colors! Great quality and durable materials. Colors true to posting photos.

Gorgeous, colorful

Love having this mindful message pin to remind myself whenever I look at it. Pictures cannot do this pin justice, it's so beautiful in person.


I love these notecards! I'm excited to share them but I also want to keep them to myself because I love them so much! Definitely going to purchase more to spread the love


Love this pin! Can't wait to wear it out! Great message to promote.

Beautiful pin I’ve been wanting to get. Holiday time is the perfect time to splurge and buy something for everyone I know!

Mental Health and Body Positivity Watercolor Silver FOILED Sticker Book
Mike L
A great gift for planner enthusiasts

My daughter asked for these stickers for her planner and she loves them! Her favorite thing about the book is the wide variety of messages - one for every mood.


This pin is soooooo pretty in real life. The glitter really gets me!! It makes the perfect addition to my vision board as an evergreen reminder to be present in every moment! Love it!

Overthinkers Club pin

Wish I'd known years ago that we had a club! At least now I have a really cute pin to acknowledge my existence as an overthinker.

Perfect for my office

The messages and colorful artwork convey the vibe of my therapy office, and they are perfect addition to dress of my wall.

Big Brain Pin

I love this pin so much. It's so cute, the colors are fab, and it really helps me express one aspect of myself. If you buy one make sure you grab some locking pin backs as an add on. They're great together.

Awesome Pin

I'm so happy I got this pin. It's such a great reminder for me. The pin is beautiful, and looks even better in person. Paired with the locking pin backs it's a perfect purchase.

The Best Pin Backs!

These pin backs are the best! I love how the keep all my pins safely where I've put them. I've bought them for all the pins I wear or display. Highly recommend!

Anxious and Capable Mental Health Awareness Lanyard
Love it!!

I have severe anxiety and wanted a lanyard to let people know to be patient with me. This is PERFECT! It's cute, has a wonderful message, and turned out to be amazing quality! I ordered it Tuesday and it already arrived the Saturday of the same week! Amazing, I love it! ♡♡♡ (PS. The packaging was magical)

"Hello I'm Enough" PINK Mental Health Enamel Pin
The cutest!

This pin is adorable. I love it so much! The packaging is lovely, too. I'll definitely be ordering more gifts from Self Love Tool Chest!

Boost Your Self Care Bundle

I received this pack as an anonymous gift after a hard summer, and it really hit home for me that someone cares. One of the stickers graces my laptop (they're well-made and beautiful), I'm using the "Stayed Alive" keychain as a badge of honor because, yeah, I did that! And I love the notepad, which reminds me to balance my busy life with adequate self care to support my mental and physical health. 10/10 for both the gift and the giver!

Rainbow Gradient Plus Size Leggings
*chef's kiss*

Vivid bright colours (just like the pictures), soft fabric, like the fit even though I'm apple-shaped & these definitely have room for people w/ hips/thighs, comfy, arrived pretty quickly given the shipping was international.

Love is Love Enamel Pin Awesomeness

This Love is Love pin is absolutely beautiful! The quality of the pin and the enamel is amazing! Having two posts is ideal and keeps the pin upright. I will continue to order from Self Love Tool Chest!

Rainbow Variety Sticker Set of 10 Mental Health Stickers
Eowyn Levene
The gifted adored these

They were so so happy when the package arrived. "These are so much, I love them!"

Pride Self Care and Mental Health Rainbow Bundle
Eowyn Levene
Beloved gift

The person I gave this to was so over the moon. Thank up!!

Overthinkers Club pin

This lovely pin is well made and beautifully designed. I love seeing it almost as much as I enjoy wearing it.

Powerful Meaning!

I love the meaning behind this pin and I keep with me as a daily reminder!

Best pin in my collection!

I love this shops quality of pins. This will forever be my favorite pin out of my collection!

Powerful Meaning!

I love this pin and the size is great! First time ordering from this shop and can't wait to purchase more.