• Level Up Your Mental Health, But Make it Rainbow

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Enamel Pins


Greeting Cards


Helping you to Embrace the Sh*t out of your Body, Brain, and Self

You, YES YOU, are a powerful, beautiful goddess being! Can't see it? Not yet! If you don’t practice self-love and body acceptance, it can be really hard to believe that you're worthy of love and attention.

Self Love Tool Chest brings you tools that are not only 100% unique to our shop but also seek to empower you to love yourself, build confidence, and combat anxiety.

We Are Anti-Diet, Anti-Self Shame, and 100% Pro-YOU


Thoughts From Our Customers

"One of the stickers graces my laptop (they're well-made and beautiful), I'm using the "Stayed Alive" keychain as a badge of honor because, yeah, I did that! And I love the notepad, which reminds me to balance my busy life with adequate self care to support my mental and physical health."


Thoughts From Our Customers

"This pin is adorable. I love it so much! The packaging is lovely, too. I'll definitely be ordering more gifts from Self Love Tool Chest!"


Thoughts From Our Customers

"Vivid bright colours (just like the pictures), soft fabric, like the fit even though I'm apple-shaped & these definitely have room for people w/ hips/thighs, comfy, arrived pretty quickly given the shipping was international."


Thoughts From Our Customers

I got both a pin and a keychain from Self Love Tool Chest and I love them! They look great and are super high quality! Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone looking to add little reminders to be kinder to themselves and their bodies!


Thoughts From Our Customers

"I have severe anxiety and wanted a lanyard to let people know to be patient with me. This is PERFECT! It's cute, has a wonderful message, and turned out to be amazing quality! I ordered it Tuesday and it already arrived the Saturday of the same week! Amazing, I love it! ♡♡♡ (PS. The packaging was magical)"